When Looking for a Children’s Sofa Or Chair – What to Look For

When looking for a children’s sofa, chair or other seating furniture, always think about what you are buying. A kid’s sofa needs to be able to hold up with all kinds of rough conditions even if it is built for children. Also ask yourself what are you going to use it for, where will it be placed in your home? Is build to last? And will it be able to withstand my child’s rough play? Is it worth the money?Hhere is a few key features you should look for when looking to purchase children’s furniture:

Hardwood or soft wood?

If a sofa or chair is built with soft wood instead of hard wood it won’t last very long, this is why we believe hardwood is a much better material to use when building the frame. It gives the sofa a much stronger and sturdy structure. Especially if you have the rough and tumble of children’s play in mind.

How is fixed together?

Is the chair glued? Screwed? Or stapled together? It is best to have all three, but any will be fine as long as the frame is made from hardwood. Knowing the sofa is held together firmly gives you the peace of mind that it won’t fall apart while your child is sat or playing on the sofa. And less likely to be injured.

Are the arms of the sofa or chair made to standards?

I have found that many children’s sofas lack in a simple requirement, a firm arm..By this I mean cardboard. It helps give the sofa a much more safer feeling, if you have a children’s sofa with the cardboard missing, you can feel the frame inside and the poor padding of the foam. Many children climb and jump on the arms of a chair so the cardboard is there for a purpose. It prevents the wood of the frame to break and acts as a safety net, if the sofas was to split it stops any broken wood to piece through and injure your child. So when you go out and buy a sofa or chair for your child, be sure to have a good feel of it.

What is the padding like?

Many children’s sofas on the market are made poorly with thin and cheap padding, they do this to save on costs as foam is rather expensive. It is always best to choose a sofa that is well padded..Not only will be more comfortable it will also be safer by protecting your child from bumps, if they was to fall and bang themselves on the sofa.

What is the seat like?

Has the seat base got webbing or is it just wood,95% of kids sofas have a thin wooden seat base this is not good at all. As we all know kids like to jump and play around on sofas and chairs, so it need to

be able to withstand these conditions so it will last a long time. I found that seats made from webbing are much more durable and more likely to last and also feels more comfortable.

What fabrics are on offer?

Ask for a sample of the fabric or faux leather, that way you can get feel of it..Thicker fabrics last longer and more durable than thinner ones and less likely to tear it is also a good idea to ask if it is fire retardant, by law all fabrics used in children’s furniture or clothing has to have this requirement if it is not don’t buy it. If it is ask for proof, ask for a copy of the fr certificate. Most of the children’s sofas you find in shops for £24 to £60 will be a lower grade fabric or faux leather which is not a good feature it needs to be a heavy duty fabric or faux leather to with stand children’s daily activities like the ones used in clubs, hotels, schools, nurseries, day care centres. Unfortunately, most people look at the designs, styles or fabric first before checking durability of materials used. It is a good idea to make sure that your child’s sofas include both durability and beauty. Choose colours and designs that both adults and children could appreciate. White or pale colour sofa,. This type of kid’s sofa could only cause extra work for you. Since kids have the tendency to jump on sofas and leave dirt behind, it is best to choose darker colour fabrics. So you won’t have to clean it often because the dark colour could hide dirt stains for months.

In order to purchase a durable sofa, keep a lookout for kid’s sofas that could withstand liquid spills, roughness, dirt and other abuses. Kids will be kids. So you have to pick a sofa that could meet your child’s activity level.

Tips for Buying a Great Sofa

Looking for a new sofa? It must be durable, because you are not getting a sofa every year. It is therefore important that your new sofa is perfect and totally within your expectation. How to choose a “right” sofa? This depends on your budget, the family situation (children and/or pets), your preference for the material and how the new sofa will be integrated into your current interior décor. We are here assisting you step by step in your decision making for choosing a new sofa that is right for you!

· First, measure the size of the room and existing furniture.
Make sure to measure exactly the dimensions of your room, existing furniture before going to the store assessing new sofas.

To create an atmosphere of calm is very vital. Too many accents and accessories piled in a room will make you feel dazzled and restless. Opt instead for a single expressive piece of furniture for more than small elements. Factoring in the colors of the existing furniture and the room when considering choosing modern sofas.

A sofa that is ‘standing out’ from the ground looks less ‘heavy’, especially when the sofa is placed in front of the window and when sunlight is cast on the sofa. Even a generous corner sofa can produce in a relatively small room a spacious feeling.

· Check the quality of sofa framework
Shake the sofa or chaise sofa with two hands and feel if the whole framework is solid. If possible, open up a corner of cloth under the sofa bottom and check if there are rots, insects, scars, ect. You also need to check the wood frame to make sure it’s better joined through using mortise and tenon, instead of nails, and whether the mortise-tenon joint is strengthened with glue.

· Inspect the internal cushion quality
These days high-end sofas use a nylon ribbon and spring crossover knitting structure for the underneath structure of the sofa. You should also see multiple layers bedding of high-elastic foams, polyester wadding and lightweight foams. This type of cushion will ensure super comfort with best resilience. The back and bottom part of mid-range sofas are typically made of fiberboard with layers of medium density foams and polyester wadding. When sitting on these sofas, you will feel cushion a little hard with less resilience.

· Check the fabric and sewing
Leather sofas come with two types, full leather and half leather or leather match. A full leather couch usually consumes hides from up to 10 cattle so it is very pricey but has best permeability and feel. Leather match means using top grain leather for the areas where your body touches, while sofa back, sides will use PU artificial leather PVC instead of leather, thereby the cost is reduced to make it more affordable while still of good quality.

Sofa leather can come from cow or buffalo. From other perspectives, there are three types of leather, top grain, split (the second layer of leather beneath top grain) and third layer leather. Top grain is the most durable type of leather used for sofas, because it holds color well, is more resistant to mechanical strength, and has a rich, high-quality appearance with good air permeability. Split leather is the inner layer of a hide that has been split into two pieces and is inferior to top grain leather.

You may also have heard of bonded leather. But this is a misleading term because it bonded leather is not genuine leather. Some furniture retailers categorize their bonded leather furniture with the genuine leather furniture which is not ethical and fair.

When inspecting a leather couch, you need to feel if the leather is supple or stiff. When you pinch the leather of good quality, the wrinkles should be able to go away after you let it go, instead of staying put.

When buying fabric sofas, make sure the covers for the sofa seat and the back should be detachable so that you can change to clean them up. Sofa fabric should be relatively thick. A high quality fabric must be able to endure 12,000 times of mechanic friction and typically weighs 300 gram per square meter. Some upscale sofa fabric is processed to be anti-static, dirt-proof, flame resistant. You also need to check if the sewing is fine, straight and smooth.

· Inspect foam sponge
For modern sofas, the high-end seat cushion has a density of 30 kg per cubic meter with high-elastic foam and sponge. For the back side, cushion should be more than 25 kg per cubic meter in density with high elastic foam. To make a better feel and comfort, sofa makers make the cushions more soft or more stiff depending on the customer needs and preferences. Sometimes, metal springs are used for a higher elasticity and anti-aging purpose. As rules of thumb, when you sit on a sofa cushion, it should not sink or sag for more than 10 cm.

Can a Small Sofa Still Have a Comfortable Sleeper Sofa?

Sleeper sofas are very popular, and with good reason. They provide you with a comfortable and fashionable place to sit, while at the same time giving your guests a place to sleep when needed. The advantages of a sleeper couch are well known and documented, and more and more people are turning to them when it comes time to buy a sofa. Where people run into problems with sleeper sofas is when they have either a small space for the sofa, or a difficult pathway such as a tight corner or hallway. An extra small door frame can literally eliminate a regular sized sleeper sofa. Fortunately, there are some super high quality options for small sofa sleepers that work beautifully, and provide all the same benefits as a full size sofa.

Where the problem comes in with most small sleeper couches is comfort. Because the sofa is small, the mattress or bedding option is usually quite low in quality and uncomfortable. What people do not realize is that not all small sofa sleepers are created equal. There are small couch sleepers on the market today that are incredibly comfortable. Some may even argue that they are more comfortable than the full size option, as comfort is not determined solely by size.

The key to a comfortable small sofa sleeper is all in the mattress. Some small and full size sleeper sofas have paper thin mattresses and springs sticking into the back. Most of us have experienced the dreaded sleeper sofas of old. Most sleeper sofas today are much better than the metal filled, spring loaded sleeper sofas of old. Still, the average sleeper sofa sold today is not what you would call comfortable either. Other small couch sleepers are incredibly comfortable and easy to lay on.

The best small sofa sleepers are air sofas that can be added to your purchase. The benefits of these air sofa sleepers are that they fit directly in with your small sofa, and they are far superior to the wafer thin foam mattresses that usually accompany sleeper sofas of all sizes. They can usually be added to most any size sofa, and can truly elevate your sleep comfort to dreamy, new heights. There is no need to suffer needlessly, tossing and turning anymore. More importantly, there is no reason to expect your house guests to suffer either.

Small sofa sleepers are just as comfortable as full sized sofas and in many cases, are even more comfortable. The best part is, you are still getting the benefits of the small sofa – more flexibility, space and decorating options. You also will be virtually guaranteed of fitting your small sofa sleeper into even the smallest of spaces. Small sofa sleepers are here to stay and will likely be the wave of the future in guest bedding.

Before you purchase your next sofa sleeper, be sure to check out the small sofa options first. You will be very much surprised at the incredible innovation and quality in today’s small sofa sleepers, and almost certainly will fall in love with the prices. There is simply no reason to be uncomfortable with small sleeper sofas any longer.