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A day earlier I was sitting with my family, and we were having a casual conversation about what should be done & what not, at our new home renovation. We are shifting into our new house within a week or two, and we still have so many things to get done. Amidst our conversation of buying the perfect sofa set, my brother came up with an idea to go for something different this time. At present, we have a five-seater Fabric Sofa Set. Then my father said, “There are only two options to choose from. Either we can go for Wooden Sofa sets or different color and print of fabric sofa sets.” I and my brother were surprised as it was an understatement. That was the moment I decided that everyone should be aware of the distinctive types of sofa sets available in the market.

This article will talk all about the various types of the sofa that are crafted till date. From regular sofas to sectional sofas to convertible sofas, this article will brief you about all the categories of sofa sets.

  1. Sectional Sofas: These are the most demanded sofa sets these days. They are multi-piece sofa sets. They are divided from three to five pieces according to the size you require. Because of its high demand, they are crafted with n number of colors, prints, fabrics and materials. They are easy to shift and easy to organize. The two most common configurations of sectional sofas are L-shaped for the corners and U- shaped for a corner as well as center. Sectional sofas are not just for living rooms, but if you go for two to three seater sectional sofas, they can be placed in your bedroom as well.
  2. Chesterfield: These sofas are known as “The King of sofas.” They are seeking high popularity because they provide a huge amount of style and comfort to every home they are kept in. These type of sofas are available in the form of sectionals, armchairs, and casual sofas. They are crafted with various types of fabric including velvet and leather with every color that you want for your living.
  3. Lawson Style Sofa: These sofas are the version of tuxedo sofa of the 20th century. These sofas are specially designed for comfort. These sofas are designed where other than back comfort, large sofas are placed so that person can shift it accordingly as per his/her ease and comfort. These sofa project an informal and a casual look to anyone who takes glance over it. They are available in different sizes and designs. Just as the main feature of it is placing large cushions so you should prefer that the shade of sofa is basic and light so that you can put bright and colorful pillows over it to make it look more appealing.
  4. Cabriole: These are the sofas that come with an equal height of arms and back. They usually are designed with an inward curve in a line from arm to arm. They are characterized by usually an exposed wooden frame. But nowadays, the contemporary designs of them are fully upholstered.
  5. Chaise Lounge: These are the single piece of sofas. They are either used as an extra piece of seating in your living room or for your master bedroom. Some of these chaise lounges come with arm rests while some come without armrests. The upholstery and fabric of it depend from piece to piece. So, if you are will buy it they are available in plenty of colors and styles to match your taste of preference.
  6. Pull Out Sofa Cum Beds : These are probably most demanded pieces as they can play a role of comforting sofa sets and at night they can be pulled out and converted into bed. Their designs and style of crafting have changed a lot since the time it was evolved. They are the most space saver designs.
  7. Loveseats And Divans: Loveseat is a two-seater sofa. This piece is particularly designed for couples. They can either be complimented with your living room furnishing or can be made a part of your bedroom furniture. They come in different designs like cabriole, camel back, etc. A Divan is a sofa without the back. It can be kept adjacent to the wall and then it can be accessorized with a set of pillows to provide you more comfort and make it look appealing.

There are more categories of sofa sets that you can get a brief about online. But these are the major seven types that you can consider before buying one.

Exclusive Range of Stylish Sofas for Your Home

Furniture items are the essential pieces of any commercial and domestic installations. Modern furniture is available in various forms like home sofa furniture, chairs, table, desk, benches and much more. A Living room sofa is an elegant piece of furniture item for the dining or guest room of a residential place.

Furniture is an attractive piece of decoration and is used for increasing the inner beauty of the house. These decorative items are made of various materials such as wood, leather, rexin, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, etc. Designer sofas are now becoming very popular among the people due to features like stylish appearance, cost effective prices and compact sizes. Sofas are available in numerous shapes and colors.

Sofa furniture can be used in residential houses as well as in offices, restaurants and hotels. This furniture can be used for multiple activities such as sitting, reading, eating or sleeping. Sofas are comparatively more costly than the simple furniture. However, the elegant appearance of designer sofas is more than that of any other furniture.

Modern sofas are available in leather, fabric or rexin covers and designed for both modern as well as traditional buildings. Among all sofas available in the market, leather sofas are more durable. The average life of a leather sofa is about 10 years. With proper care and maintenance, individual can use these sofas for even a longer period of time.

Interior portions of a house can be decorated with stylish products like Home furniture sofa. You can keep this furniture in the various segments of your home such as dining room, front room or bed room. These can be used by various family members of a house or visiting guests. A King sized sofa has seating arrangement for four to eight individuals.

Individuals can find sofa furniture in diverse price ranges at furniture stores. One can buy a sofa according to his buying capacity and housing needs. Persons living in small houses can use a compact sized sectional sofa that occupies little space. A sofa bed can accommodate one or more individuals and can be placed in the bed room of a house.

Living room sofa furniture is made with artistic designs and durable material. Leather sofa furniture requires less maintenance and can be cleaned easily with a simple wet cloth. However certain precautions must be taken while using sofa furniture as these are made with soft material like foam, leather and rexin. People should not put heavy items on designer sofas as this may damage the sofa surface. You should use a liquid cleaner to remove stains or spots from the leather sofa. If the main frame of the sofa is made of wood, then it should be varnished on a periodic basis to keep it free from termites.

Wooden sofas can be easily moved from one place to another due to the light weight feature of the wood. This furniture can be conveniently kept at either indoor or outdoor locations of a house such as lawns, gardens, front room and balcony. One can spend his leisure time by sitting on his sofa furniture or gossiping with friends and family members. The children of the house can play light games on these sofa furniture items.

Sofas with fiber frame are also used in many houses. This furniture is more suitable for warm locations. Unlike metal sofa furniture, fiber sofas are less resistant to corrosion and dust. Sofas with fabric cover are more comfortable than the leather and foam made sofas.

Sofa Designs – Cute and Amazing Models to Decorate Your Home

There are some amazing sofa designs out there that will simply blow your mind away at first glance. There are so many creative designers out there who keep on churning out one stunning design after the other. Some of the best and most creative sofa designs are given below.

1. Yang Sofa

This sofa comes in four individual pieces that can be joined together to get one awesome looking sofa. It gives you the option of being fully in control and to customize your sofa in the manner you like.

2. Doc Sofa

Another very creative design, you can actually transform this sofa into a bunk bed with a small ladder. If you have kids or if guests suddenly show up, you can use this sofa to transform quickly into a spare bed. Not only does it have a useful feature, it looks visually stunning too.

3. The Waterfall Couch

This sofa looks exactly like a beautiful waterfall with forests and mountains in the background. Pour some water below and fool everyone.

4. Attica

You can play with the individual pieces that come with this sofa to either make one complete sofa or to make separate individual ones. This sofa set looks brilliant and can add a certain amount of visual flair to the d├ęcor of your room. You can also use this set outside.

5. Swimming Pool Sofa

This one is just a concept, but it sure is cool. Instead of a cozy cushion where you sit, you have a small pool. Relaxation never looked any better.

6. Yin Yang Sofa

Not to be confused with the Yang sofa, this design of this set is in fact inspired by Yin and Yang. About 4000 meters of long fiber is used in the construction of this set which can cover a distance of about 36 football fields.

7. Sofa Box

This one is a very unique design and has a sofa enclosed in a long metal box. You can close it inside the box when you don’t need it and simply pull it out when you do need it. This set has a certain simplicity about it that just jumps out and grabs your attention.

8. Infinity Sofa

Designed like the symbol of Infinity, this sofa can easily seat two people. This sofa comes in red and white and looks extremely alluring.

9. Glow in the Dark Sofa

You cannot find a cooler sofa than this one. Looks normal by day but when it becomes dark, it starts to glow. It uses very low power consumption and features small LED lights to provide the glowing effect. Moreover, the transparent body just adds so much to its visual appeal especially when lit up.

10. Hunting Lines Sofa

Another concept sofa design, the Hunting Lines Sofa is one of the best sofa designs out there. It features bold curves and jagged folds to provide one hell of a sofa design. The sofa is black in color with yellow running magnificently across the top lines of the body. You can even attach the individual sofa sets to form an extended version of the sofa.

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